2018 OKC Passion Awards - powered by Compel Awards

Hobby Lobby is pleased to sponsor the OKC Passion Awards.

The purpose of the Passion Awards is to identify and support effective, excellent ministries committed to advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Passion Awards are a key initiative of the National Christian Foundation Heartland (NCF Heartland).


Hobby Lobby is a well-known industry leader crafts retailer based in OKC founded and operated by the Green family. Hobby Lobby has partnered with NCF Heartland in order to bring the Passion Awards to OKC as a way of giving back to the community that has meant so much to them.

NCF Heartland exists to mobilize resources for Kingdom Impact. Find out more at https://heartland.ncfgiving.com/. NCF Heartland is a regional branch of the National Christian Foundation serving Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Iowa and Middle Tennessee. NCF Heartland is the oldest and largest affiliate of NCF and has been a part of granting out nearly $2 billion to charities all across the world in their 17 years of ministry.

NCF operates much like a charitable bank. NCF helps people set up charitable bank accounts called Giving Funds. A Giving Fund allows you to deposit funds, receive an immediate tax deduction and then have those dollars available for charitable distribution to the causes and charities you care about.

NCF Heartland first launched the Passion Awards back in 2001 in Kansas City and has awarded over $1.2 million in grants via the Passion Awards since that time.

Current Awards
No awards are currently available. Please check back later.